Introduction to ITSS

Reading is a key piece of this “puzzle.” Without good reading skills, it is hard to use everyday tools like the newspaper or street signs. Understanding and remembering what we read is more than just having the skills to read the written words on the page. When we are able to understand and remember what we read, we are more informed about the world around us. It is also easier to express ourselves and share ideas. This is why reading is such an important piece of the education “puzzle” that we are working to complete.

There are many learning tools that you can use to develop your reading skills. The tool we will focus on in our lessons is the Structure Strategy . By the end of our training, you will be able to:

Recognize signaling words that will signal us as to where the most important information is located within an article.

Remember the main ideas as well as the facts that support them.

As you work on your reading skills, you may find there are times when it is hard to remember or understand information from a reading passage or article. Don't give up! Your efforts will ultimately prove to be rewarding.