Welcome to Intelligent Tutoring for Structure Strategy.  It is our hope that this site can provide all the information you need to know about our web-based intelligent tutoring system.

Extensive research has been conducted with human tutors training students on using the Structure Strategy and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. The methods employed in these studies require trained human tutors and many tutors to expand the training to a larger audience in schools.

The solution to this problem of needing a large number of trained tutors is the use of “intelligent” computer tutors to train students on using the Structure Strategy. The intelligent tutors can provide good modeling, motivation, feedback, consistency, and access.


What is The Structure Strategy?

The structure strategy is a well-tested method that helps readers to focus on the text organization, helping them to organize their reading accordingly, and show significant improvement in recall of expository text (e.g., Meyer, 1999). Meyer, Young, and Bartlett (1989) found that the strategy helped readers remember more ideas and more important ideas, as well as remembering the ideas longer.